Five Tips to Find a Law Firm in Thailand and Avoid Potential Pitfalls 2022

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Finding Lawyers in Thailand – The pitfalls you have to look out for

When finding and hiring a lawyer, you must know what you’re looking for. If a specialized field concerns some aspect of your case, it might be crucial to find an attorney specializing in that domain area. The more experienced the lawyer is in his area, the better outcome you will receive. Some lawyers will take on every case, even though they could be lacking experience in the area you seek assistance. 

Finding a lawyer who can speak and understand English at an expert level is also essential to make you feel safe during the whole process. That is especially important in Thailand because you are in a foreign legal system with different rules and more brutal punishments if you break these rules.

As a foreigner in Thailand, there can also be concerns regarding the lawyers’ trustability regarding their legal work and the price. As you may have noticed during your stay in Thailand, many people experience different prices depending on your country of origin. This can be seen when you, for example, buy entrance to a national park or try to book a hotel. The same can be true if you pick the wrong lawyer, who will double the price because of your skin color. That is why it is vital to choose the right lawyer, not only regarding his expertise but also because you could save thousands of dollars. 

The lawyer must give you a free consultation, so you can be sure you understand the process. We recommend you find a lawyer who gives you a fixed quote, so you don’t get a nasty surprise when the final bill arrives. 

What are the Best Ways to Find affordable and trustworthy Lawyers?

Numerous law firms are spread out around the major cities of Thailand, and many are just a search away on Google. The problem is that many law firms do not have a full English version of their website for foreigners, and it is hard to see their pricing and reviews regarding the law firm. You, therefore, have a hard time knowing what you are signing up for. Another problem is that many foreigners experience that the lawyers never call them back when they make a request on their websites if the case seems too small. 

Another way of finding a lawyer in Thailand could be to search multiple expat groups in Thailand on Facebook. That could be both time-consuming, and there is no guarantee that people want to answer your post, or maybe the lawyer does not have time to take in new clients. 

Conclusion: The Ultimate Guide for How to Find a Good Lawyer in Thailand

We have on ThaiLawBuddy had a long selecting process where only the best lawyers in Thailand have been chosen to collaborate with us. If you choose a lawyer through us, we can guarantee that you receive the best lawyer at the best price for your specific individual case. We will also be available through the whole process, where it will be possible for you to reach out to us if you experience troubles with the lawyer.

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