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It can be challenging to find a lawyer in Thailand.
Lawyers can either be too expensive, unreliable or don't speak English.

We have gathered the best English-speaking lawyers in Thailand with reasonable rates and transparent pricing.

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It's no secret that finding a fair pricing lawyer can often be a challenging and complicated task.

At ThaiLawBuddy, we offer our customers 100% transparency, which means you won't get any hidden fees when using our collaborating lawyers.

With upfront quotes and clear pricing, legal prices are based on your specific needs.

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I used over an hour to try to look up a visa-related question, and Thailawbuddy answered it within a few seconds. Amazing service and I didn’t even have to pay.
Claire V.
Review from Trustpilot
Easy and professional service. Saved me from getting hustled after a car accident.
Michael P.
Review from Trustpilot
Just a few clicks and I had all the information I needed. Really easy to use and good advice.
Review from Trustpilot

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You can also see our answers to questions asked by travelers just like you! Read and contribute to our Facebook community and learn first-hand what routes to take and which ones to avoid when seeking legal answers! 

It is entirely free to use our AI assistant to answer your legal questions regarding Thai law. 

Our software has been developed in cooperation with Thai lawyers, and is constantly being updated. Our advice is therefore always of the highest quality and relevance.  

With so many scams out there, it’s hard to know whom to trust. That’s why we’ve created a safe platform where you can find and connect with the best lawyers and visa agents in your area. We use an extensive quality check with all the lawyers and visa agents. This way, you know that no matter which lawyer you choose to represent you, they’re all qualified.

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